5 Top Tips For Caravanning With Dogs

caravanning with dogs

One of the greatest reasons to go on a motorhome or caravanning holiday is the fact that you can take your best friend with you – fun for all the family! We’re talking about the dog (or dogs), of course… and no doubt that’s why staycations will always be so popular here in the UK, because they mean that no man gets left behind.

If you’ve ever gone to the airport and had to leave the dog behind, then you surely know all too well that sorrowful look on their little faces when they realise that they’re not coming with you. It’s a heartbreaking look – and what’s worse is how they give you the cold shoulder when you finally come back home.

But with a camping trip in the UK, you don’t have this to worry about – so here are some top tips from us here at We Fit Leisure to help you ensure you have a fun dog-friendly trip.

First of all, remember that while most dogs love going in the car, some don’t take to it straightaway. Before you go on a mammoth road trip, do some training first with shorter car  journeys to see how they fare. Gradually extend the length of the trip and they should be fine when it’s time to go on proper holiday.

It’s also important to make sure that you remember all the essential items – just like you would with young children.

What about having a specific box at home where you keep all your dog’s treats, shampoo, brush, extra blankets and any clothes they have, so you don’t have to run around the house searching for everything when it’s holiday time. You can simply pick up the box, chuck it in the caravan or motorhome and you can be on your merry way.

It would also be wise to make sure that all your dog’s microchip details are up to date just in case they do happen to disappear while you’re away.

They can slip the lead quite easily, be spooked by something or catch the scent of an animal and run away – which would certainly be very distressing but at least with up-to-date microchip details you stand a better chance of them being returned to you if you have to go home without them.

And remember that the inside of your car, caravan or motorhome can get hot very quickly, even when the temperature outside is mild. So never leave your pet alone without adequate ventilation and water. And never leave your pet inside your car unattended, even if the window is open and you’re only going to be gone for a short while.

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