8 Top Tips For Camping In A Heatwave

caravan heatwave

There’s the August Bank Holiday fast approaching, just a few short days away, and no doubt there are scores of you out there eagerly awaiting the long weekend so you can flip your caravan satellite systems on, pick your choice of destination and hit the open road.

As a matter of course, you should always check the weather before you leave so you know you’re packing everything you need to cope with what the heavens decide to throw your way.

And the good news is that – according to the Daily Express – we’re likely to see highs over the Bank Holiday of a positively balmy 30 degrees C. Apparently, a tropical heatwave is making its way to UK shores all the way from Spain, so make sure that you pack your sun cream, hats and have plenty of water available to keep you all safe and hydrated over the weekend.

But when it comes to camping and caravanning in a heatwave, you do need to be prepared so you can continue to have fun and enjoy the sun. First of all, you’d be wise to pick a campsite that’s close to a body of water, so you can go for a lovely dip to cool off if it gets too hot.

And, if you’re yet to invest in a caravan awning or similar, pick a campsite with lots of available shade so you can get out of the sun quickly if you need to.

Remember as well that caravans and tents can get quite stuffy if not properly ventilated when the weather heats up, so use shades and curtains to keep them cool at the hottest times of day. Also think about where the sun will be when pitching your tent or parking your caravan or motorhome.

If your caravan doesn’t have air conditioning in it, you’d be very wise indeed to bring an electric fan with you wherever you go during the summer months. And keep the windows open at night if it’s really hot so you can get a bit of a cross breeze blowing through.

Of course, as lovely as this weather forecast is and we hope that the heatwave is realised next weekend, you would do just as well to plan for all eventualities.

If the summer of 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that it can be hot and sunny one second and then torrential rain the next, so don’t forget your wellington boots and your waterproof coat. You could regret it if you don’t!

Where are you going on your summer holidays this year? We’d love to hear what trips you have planned so get in touch to let us know.

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