How To Reverse Your Motorhome Successfully

Reversing camera

If you’re new to the wonderful world of motorhomes you’re sure to be a bit nervous about towing a big vehicle behind your car if you’ve never done it before and aren’t confident in your abilities just yet.

It’s likely that you’ll get to grips with travelling forwards quite quickly, but going backwards can be quite a daunting prospect – so you might like to invest in reverse cameras for Motorhomes to help you see what you’re doing.

One of the big problems with reversing is that you have to take into account the length of your motorhome and reduced visibility. And if you haven’t done many trips in your vehicle, you may not yet be used to the way that it moves in different directions to what you might think.

Practice makes perfect, of course, and now that it’s summertime there are plenty of opportunities to take your motorhome out each weekend and enjoy the sunshine. To help, here are a few top tips that will soon have you reversing like a pro.

First of all, it’s important to stay as relaxed as you can. If you find your motorhome isn’t exactly where you want it, there’s no need to panic – just drive forwards a little and then go back again. Use your wing mirrors – if you see the motorhome and need to straighten up, turn the steering wheel to the side you can see the motorhome on.

Using the technology at your disposal can also prove particularly helpful, whether you’re a novice motorhome driver or someone who’s been touring for years. They help you see the vast majority of the back of your motorhome and come with 120 degree horizontal viewing.

There are several makes and models on the market so pick one that suits your budget and requirements.

It might be worth investing in one that comes with night vision if you know you’re going to be pitching up or reversing into your storage facility. Just think about the conditions in which you usually use your caravan and that should help you work out which camera would be the best for you.

Always make sure that you use your senses first and your camera second, so don’t forget to mirror, signal and manoeuvre properly, and check your blind spot yourself instead of relying on the camera to do it for you.

Another top tip from us here at We Fit Leisure is to go on holiday a lot more! The more you use your motorhome the quicker you’ll become an expert reverser so take as many trips as you can this year. Lots of little weekend trips could be a good idea for anyone who hasn’t done much caravanning before so that you’re not too far from home if something does go wrong.Find more tips on the What Car? website.

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