Fiamma F45 Privacy Room (Safari Room)


New style Privacy Room for Fiamma F45 awnings with length from length 300 to 550 and fitted heights from 230cm to 280cm on van conversions and motorhomes.

The Fiamma Privacy Room is a complete set of 2 x side and 1 x front wall panel to make a complete enclosure for recent Fiamma F45 awnings and is supplied complete with all required framework and fittings. It can also be made to fit some other brands of wall mounted wind-out awnings on Campervans and Motorhomes with optional adapter kits.

Available in different versions to fit awning lengths from 300 to 550 and fitting heights from 230cm to 280cm.

Easy to fit front and side panels

The front wall consists of a front door panel and window panel(s) with crystal clear windows and mosquito nets. The front wall slides easily in to the channel on the awning and panels are interchangeable so you can have the door in your preferred position.

Side panels fit using the easy to fit Fast Clip system. This clamps around the edge of the roof fabric of the awning and provides a channel for the side panel to slide in to. The side panel has a protective rear sponge to seal against the side of the van and the Privacy Room is supplied with vertical poles to press this sponge securely in to place.

The New Style Privacy Room is more functional and elegant thanks to the restyling and benefits from widened windows, rounded contours and the insertion of grey tones to make the Privacy Room more stylish and modern.

UV resistant, waterproof and washable vinyl fabric in white and grey colours.


Video shows full first installation of Fiamma Privacy Room. Some stages will not be required after first installation.

Versions & Compatibility

This version Fiamma Privacy Room fits to Fiamma F45 awnings with length from 300 to 550 and fitting heights from 230cm to 280cm. It is supplied with all equipment required to fit to Fiamma F45 S, F45 L, F45 Ti, F45 Ti L, F45 I and F45 I L awnings.

To fit to Omnistor awnings 4900, 5002 or 5003 or Tristor TR2 awnings you will need to purchase additional Fiamma Kit Privacy Omnistor


Choosing Privacy Room length

For the appropriate Privacy Room length measure the full length of the awning case (measurement A) and select the Privacy Room length to match.

The actual length of your awning case (measurement A) will usually be slightly different to the nominal Privacy Room length. i.e. a Fiamma F45 S 300 awning has a case length of 308 cm and should be fitted with a Privacy Room 300.

Choosing Privacy Room Height

Measure the height from the ground to the BOTTOM of the awning case (measurement B).

  • For measurements from 225cm to 250cm choose Privacy Room Medium
  • For measurements from 251cm to 280cm choose Privacy Room Large

Measure both ends of the awning as the one end may be slightly higher than the other.

Privacy Room Depth

All Privacy Rooms on this page are for awnings which extend by approx. 250cm.


Privacy Room Awning Length A Height from Ground B Extension C Weight
Privacy 300 Medium 300cm 225 - 250cm 250cm 24.4 kg
Privacy 300 Large 300cm 251 - 280cm 250cm 24.7 kg
Privacy 350 Medium 350cm 225 - 250cm 250 24.8 kg
Privacy 350 Large 350cm 251 - 280cm 250 25.2 kg
Privacy 400 Medium 400cm 225 - 250cm 250cm 25.4 kg
Privacy 400 Large 400cm 251 - 280cm 250cm 25.7 kg
Privacy 450 Medium 450cm 225 - 250cm 250cm 25.9 kg
Privacy 450 Large 450cm 251 - 280cm 250cm 26.2 kg
Privacy 500 Large 500cm 251 - 280cm 250cm 26.7 kg
Privacy 550 Large 550cm 251 - 280cm 250cm 27.2 kg

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