Dometic Fresh Jet 1100 Air Conditioner


The Dometic Freshjet 1100 Roof Air Conditioner For Small Caravans Campervans and Motorhomes

The Freshjet 1100 is the smallest Dometic roof air conditioner on the market, it’s light and compact leaving plenty of room for other roof accessories in your campervan or caravan. Even though it’s designed for small recreational vehicles (Up to 5m), owners of a motorhome larger than 5 metres in length could have 2 Freshjet 1100 fitted to create 2 different climates.

Other useful features of the Freshjet 1100 Air Conditioner:

  • Big 1000 Watts of cool conditioning ( 3400 Btu ) No Heating Facility on this unit
  • Circuit protection for campsites: 3 A delay fuse. Only a 3 amp campsite hook up required
  • All main functions of the Freshjet 1100 can be controlled by remote control
  • Integrated LED lights
  • The Freshjet 1000 air conditioning is distributed by four adjustable air vents
  • The 1100 is only for stationary use unless used with DC Kit 1 or DC Kit 3
  • The Dometic Freshjet 1100 requires a 400mm x 400mm cut out or replaces a 'standard' 400mm x 400mm roof light like a Seitz Mini Heki

This is what you get?

Everything you need to install a compact Airconditioner to your sub 5 metre leisure vehicle whilst connected to 230 volts hook up, complete with remote control.

Do I need anything else?

A suitable mains power supply to the roof of the vehicle. A Dometic DC Kit 1, if you wish to run the Freshwell 1100 airconditioning unit whilst driving, Please note the DC Kits include a full wiring kit. Please see our items to the right of this page, oh and you'll also need a tube of sealant!

Dometic Freshjet 1100 Air Conditioner:


This product must be installed by a Dometic approved installer, to not do so will affect the warranty on the product.

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