Dometic Fresh Jet 1700 Air Conditioner


The new Dometic Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioner includes improved internal air distribution system.

Cool and Heating option, capable of fitting to the thinnest of roofs (max caravan or motorhome length 6 metres)

The Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioner has 1.7 Kw of cool conditioning capacity with four air outlets and 800 watts of heating through two outlets. Now with reduced weight and the ability to mount on a caravan or motorhome roof of just 25mm thickness, the Dometic Freshjet 1700 is ideal for caravan roof thicknesses. The Freshjet 1700 Air conditioner can be adjusted up to fit up to 60mm roof thickness.

Additional features of the Freshjet 1700

  • Remote control for all major functions,
  • Delivered for stationary use on mains 240 v, mobile with optional dc kit 2 or DC kit 3,
  • The Freshjet 1700 needs 4 amps at 240 volts mains supply to work
  • 4 blower speeds, continuous air flow regulation for all vents,
  • Suitable for a caravan or motorhome up to 6 metres in length
  • Requires a 40cm x 40cm apperture or existing rooflight

This is what you get?

The complete Dometic 1700 Air conditioning unit and air distribution board ready for mounting on a 400mm x 400mm cut out or 40cm x 40cm Seitz Mini Heki type rooflight, ready for connection to 230 volt electricity supply, (Hook up.)

Dometic Freshjet 1700 Air Conditioner Manuals:


This product must be installed by a Dometic approved installer, to not do so will affect the warranty on the product.

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