Eberspacher Diesel Heater D2 12v Motorhome Kit with 801 MOD


Collections: Campervan Heaters

Type: Diesel Heater

Eberspacher is a huge global company that manufactures Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Refrigeration systems and many other lines. They're arguably best known in the Leisure and Automotive markets for their World renowned Diesel heating systems. Their systems allow you to use the vehicle's on board Diesel supply to power the on board heating systems. This allows the vehicle's owner more freedom as they no longer have to carry 2 different types of fuel on board i.e.. Gas and Diesel.29.2199.01.4406 Kit.

Width 115mm
Weight 2.7 Kg
Height 122mm
Voltage 12v
Length 310mm
Brand Eberspacher

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