Fiamma Compass for VW T5 & T6


Fiamma Compass for VW T5 & T6

Rapid set up. Simply swing out like a windmill awning for the VW T5 & T6 with or without Roof Bars. Set up by only one person the Fiamma Compass rapidly opens 270° to cover the side and rear of the vehicle.

The light and multifunctional compass awning!

A simple solution for Camper Vans and SUVs that allows you to protect yourself from the sun. The awning is disposed at 270° around the vehicle and is characterized by extreme ease of assembly and disassembly. It is therefore suitable for any occasion, from touring to a trip outdoors, from a simple picnic to a few hours of relaxing.

Easy and quick to use.

A single person is able to open and close the awning autonomously. The awning opens in a wrap-around style, when fully open the Compass gives the user 270° of shade coverage. The awning is manually operated (opening and closing), the arms with integrated legs and the lightness of the structure and of the fabric make the operations of opening and closing simple and fast, they can be done even by one person.

Suitable for 4 x 4 and SUV with Roof Bars and Campervans

Fiamma Compass can be fitted to certain Camper van models and 4 x 4s and SUVs with roof bars. The Fiamma Compass is compatible with particular Fiamma fitting kits. See the Compatibility guidance below for the correct fitting kit.

Fits to Right Hand Side

The Fiamma Compass awning fits to the right hand side of the vehicle. See below for fitting advice and installation kits.


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