Fiamma F65L Motorhome Awning - Black Casing


Fiamma F65L Motorhome Awning - Black Casing

Designed for larger Motorhomes, Van Conversions & Campervans, due to the size Fiamma have made the casing even strong & More durable

This unit only comes with Grey Canopy at present.

The Fiamma F65L Motorhome Awning beats the quality of all other awnings of it type.  We have been fitting motorhome awnings for 17 years and to this day, we havent found a product that beats this one.

This is the best choice for your van style motorhome or roof mounted type you may need.

This awning can also be fitted to a caravan.


Suitable for any vehicle from large motorhomes to camper vans and also caravans (mounting brackets are required)


Wind out, Winch operated Opening and closing by handle mechanism with crank handle.


Designed for Roof Mounted installation (brackets / mounts not included).

Awning Enclosurers:

Optional Privacy Rooms including Privacy Light

Colours & Materials:

Case: constructed in very strong extruded aluminium. Lightweight and highly resistant with external Black. Cool and Cheerful vinyl canopy which is UV resistant, washable and waterproof, with bright colours on both sides.

Colours Avalible are: Royal Blue, Royal Grey,

Should you require this fitting to your vehicle, Please contact us on 01636 682319, we are members for the Approved Workshop Scheme, we can offer this service either at your chosen address or even our workshops. We attend most outdoor motorhome shows should you require this fitted

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