Maxview Satellite System Crank Up


Maxview Satellite System Crank Up : Description

The Maxview Satellite System Crank Up is a cheap, easy to use satellite dish designed for your motorhome or caravan. It comes in two different sizes 65cm and 85cm. These options are available to select on our site.

Manual operation systems. Raising dish using a handle. Locate the satellite and park the system from the comfort of the inside of your vehicle or caravan.

Why Choose the Maxview Satellite System Crank Up

  • Ergonomic handle handle optimises positional accuracy.
  • Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be fitted in the most convenient position on the roof.
  • East to align using the ceiling mounted handle and elevation zone map.
  • Watch all available UK TV channels in the UK and into parts of Europe.
  • Low streamline profile of 17cm.
  • Available in either 65cm or 85cm.
  • All weather resistant construction.
  • For permanent mounting, can be transferred to another vehicle.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Designed in the UK.

Maxview Satellite System Crank Up: Installation

Our installation engineers offer a mobile service and they are also part of the NCC Approved Workshop Scheme. Direct Leisure Repairs service will not void any manufacturers warranty of your leisure vehicle.

We can offer installation for this satellite system, Please feel free to call us 01636 682319 or you can email us directly from the this page or the contact us page. We even attend all of the Warners outdoor exhibition motorhome shows.

Fitting is Nationwide.

We can also offer bundle packages should you wish to buy a Solrtronica TV and Satellite System at the same time

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