Powrtouch Model 3 Classic Motormover



Type: Motor Movers

Powrtouch Model 3


Powrtouch Model 3 (Heavy duty) Caravan Motor Mover utilizes two 12 volt motors with reduction gearboxes that can be driven independently to provide maximum maneuverability. The motors are mounted on a strong, lightweight metal framework that clamps to the caravan chassis.

The fitting of Powrtouch to the caravan does NOT require any welding or the drilling of the chassis making fitting simple. The caravan tyres are driven by a locking cam system that requires just a small turn of a wheel brace spanner (supplied); this locates the friction drive aluminium rollers to the caravan tyres.

The caravan movement is controlled remotely by a small handset, by simply pressing one of the clearly marked labelled buttons on the handset the Caravan can be moved in any direction and turned on its own axis if required. Braking is completely automatic and occurs immediately the finger is removed from the selected button. Takes a one in four gradient.


Powrtouch Heavy Duty:

Spec & Features

Heavy Duty (up to 1500kg)

Single axle models

Crank type engagement mechanism

Movers weigh approx: 37kg

ISO 9001:2000 & TUV approved

Latest version with new electronics

Soft Start – less stress to the chassis

Unique two button safety control to activate

Braking occurs when fingers released

Made from corrosive resistant materials

Lightweight high strength alloy Power rollers

FREE Powrbar RRP £40 included

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* If the Powrtouch Caravan Mover is purchased for supply only, then 5 Year Parts Guarantee is applied.

* If the Powrtouch Caravan Mover is purchased for fitted, then 5 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee is applied.