Purpleline E-Go Titanium Caravan Mover



Type: Motor Movers

Purpleline E-Go Titanium Caravan Mover

The e-go Titanium has been designed and developed without compromise.

The concept was simple - to build a caravan mover with emphasis on uniting precision engineering and innovative product features. A winning combination that makes an e-go Titanium the perfect choice and up to 28% lighter than other leading brands.

Purpleline E-Go Titanium Caravan Mover

The e-go Titanium is compact and lightweight yet powerful with 12 volt motors; allowing easy manoeuvrability, safety and reliability, even up 25% slopes and across rough terrain.

The e-go Titanium has been engineered from the ground up to save weight at every possible turn. Including...

Lightweight alloy body
6kg weight saving

Custom sealed gearbox
Our most efficient power transfer ever

Precision engineered alloy rollers with lifetime warranty
1 kg weight saving

High torque performance motor
More power less weight - 1 kg weight saving

Tailored crossbar & fixings
1.5 kg weight saving

Quattro ® intelligent technology
Exclusive use of Quattro adaptive software

Don't let your caravan mover weight you down

TO HAVE THIS FITTED FOR £799.99 at your home, please call Direct Leisure Repairs on 01636 682319 or 07505357307, Our fully approved engineer can arrange this for you.