Reich Move Control ECOLINE Caravan Motor Mover



Type: Motor Movers

Reich Move Control ECOLINE Caravan Motor Mover

The Ecoline mover is very small and compact but don’t let the size of the Ecoline deceive you.

The EcoLine can deliver a massive power punch. The caravan wheels are driven via wide, large diameter rollers that efficiently transfer the power.

Like all Reich models the EcoLine is controlled by a simple to understand remote, the functions including on/off, engaging/disengaging rollers, and all manoeuvring procedures.

The Reich EcoLine weighs in around 35 kg and is perfect for single axle caravans or caravans with a low ground clearance

Reich Move Control ECOLINE Motor Mover Features:

  • Fits most types of chassis. Move Control EcoLine clamps onto the chassis – no drilling or welding required.
  • The EcoLine does not interfere with the operation of the shock absorbers and may be fitted behind or in front of the wheels.
  • The EcoLine uses a direct drive, no gear wheels or chains to go wrong.
  • Electric actuation is standard, allowing the rollers to be engaged using the remote control.
  • Long term investment: When changing caravans, the MoveControl EcoLine can be easily transferred.
  • SOFTSTART and SOFTSTOP electronics enables precise movement and greater control over any ground – millimetre by millimetre – as well as quick and easy hitching and unhitching.
  • The sophisticated electronic control minimizies the chassis stress
  • The EcoLine will stop your caravan, even on a slope.

Reich Move Control ECOLINE Motor Mover Spec:

Model Move Control Ecoline
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
Avg current consumption 30 Amps
Max current 160 Amps
Speed 25 cm/s Approx
Weight 35 kg Approx
Permissible overall weight 1,800 kg
Permissible overall weight on 35% Gradient 1,400 kg
Recommended caravan leisure battery 12V 75Ah Minimum rating
Warranty 5 years