Widney Plinth Heater 700w 230v



Widney Imperial mini plinth fan heater. This energy efficient warm air heater has been specially designed to replace larger panel heaters, simple to fit and easy to use,700 Watts, 230Volt.SIZE: 280mm (W) x 218mm (D) x 110mm (H).

Unlike conventional systems the Widney plinth range can offer significant advantages over conventional heat delivery systems. The benefit of fan assisted heating increases airflow in the room and improving warm up times. All Widney heating systems are designed to be fitted as a replacement for a conventional electric wall panel or radiator and offer the advantage of reduce space requirements and unobtrusive installation. Installation can be simply undertaken with minimal disruption to the aesthetics of the room.

PH all Electric range: Environmentally conscious, the heat output is delivered effectively and efficiently from a low power consumption electric element. The PH range of heaters are quiet enough to be used in bedrooms. The operation of the unit ensures that the airflow is maintained and provides more even stratification of heat in the campervan.

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